A Landscaper's Morning Poem by britton shepard


by Britton Shepard


in the morning before it is light

i layer onto my legs these heavy dungarees

and onto my arms and trunk these old wool sweaters

that know my name


that i may have no separation

between the things i do

and my own body


i wear my dungarees

and then i wear the earth


into the fibers go

the mixing molecules of

pulver and pollen and petrichor

and from within

vapor and humor and pheromones


my body clad in callous and fleece

climbs in the hedgerow

kneels beside the rough skin of garry oak

inhales the perfume of

the living soil beneath the meadow

Site 1121 Video by Rachel Shepard

Thank you Gabe Miller for this lovely video documenting the project.

WSECU collaborated with landscape designer and University of Washington student Britton Shepard to build community by bringing a vacant lot to life in Seattle's University District where the credit union's future building will be built. Part art, part garden, part archeological dig, see how he transformed the forgettable into something special in the middle of a bustling city.