Landscape analysis 
Project research and site readings.

Landscape design 
All phases: public and private. 

Site development
Site specific analysis and interpretation prior to design. 

Landscape installation 
Installations ranging from excavation, concrete, stonework, planting and lighting.

Project management 
Client representation and contract coordination.



Does Britton do consultations or designs?
Yes! He would love to come and visit your site to talk about possibilities and ideas. A consultation is a 3 hour appointment to walk your site and discuss potential and plans. After that, you can decide if you would like to pursue a formal design proposal.

What comes with a design?
A basic design proposal includes a thorough site analysis and a comprehensive design brief complete with drawings, measurements and plant lists. This is an iterative process that includes client feedback. There is an additional fee for construction documents ready to hand to installation contractors. Please contact us if you would like to see a sample proposal.

Does Britton do speaking engagements?
Yes! He loves sharing insights about biochar, design practices, landscape architecture theory, and his work on 






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