landscape philosopher
& Digger of dirt

My design philosophy has to do with simplicity, imagination, and finding beauty. Each project is a unique, hand-made creation with nature, a guided movement through poetic site reading and functionality.

I believe that our most healthy landscapes grow out of an understanding of place. This understanding is both a heritage handed down to us, as well as something we cultivate through direct intuitive experience with the land and materials. Skill and intimacy with the installation process have always nourished my design capabilities and are the foundation for the trust between my clients and me.

Today we understand the landscape as a living system of processes. Into this system we place forms that support the things we want to do. Good design balances interpretation of site characteristics with the goals and opportunities of the project vision. This balance is the key to any landscape project, whether in the urban environment, in our backyards, in agricultural lands, or in the restoration and preservation of living ecologies.

Britton has owned and operated a landscape design build firm in Seattle since 1999, and recently earned a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture at the University of Washington.

He resides with his family in Fall City, Washington.